Donna Dyson is Passionate, Prolific & Professional. Donna is a globally distributed songwriter through MGM, and an APRA ASA  Australian Songwriter of the Year winner.

Internationally honoured songwriter, Donna Dyson is highly sought after as a professional songwriter, collaborating co-writer, commissioned choral composer, lyricist, and children’s writer.  Donna has two music labels: Spotty Kites and Dyson & Young, which are both signed globally to MGM distribution. 

Contact Donna Dyson HERE to discuss her catalogue or an original composition commission.

Donna is the NATIONAL AMBASSADOR FOR VISION AUSTRALIA and an awarded APRA_ASA AUSTRALIAN SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR.  Donna’s partnerships with leading Australian and international organisations and artists are testament to her talent, professionalism and commitment to creative excellence.  Roles include: Creative Director with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra for the Symphony for Tomorrow project, academic mentor for the Queensland Ballet dancers, and Composer-in-Residence for Brisbane Sings.

If you need music, an inspiring speaker, mentor or consultant then contact Donna Dyson.

Donna Dyson in the News

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Donna Dyson launched her label Spotty Kites with Australian  award winning songs featuring varying Australian artists and instrumentalists from the QSO. Spotty Kites has enjoyed being number 1 many times on the Australian iTunes charts. Spotty Kites is available on all streaming platforms and services.


The label Dyson & Young is the powerhouse of co-writing partners Donna Dyson and Craig Allister Young. Their chance meeting  led to collaborations, projects and compositions and many awards. These  works feature within their adult contemporary and chorale music label.  Donna and Craig specialise in ballads, Christmas music and themed chorale pieces.  Craig is also an arranger and cellist for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. 

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Symphony for Tomorrow - Queensland Symphony Orchestra Project 2018.

Presently nominated for a 2019 APRA ART AWARD, this Queensland Symphony Project  forged significant partnerships with schools, gifted instrumentalists, choirs and songwriters alike. The Cairns region hosted the final concert in partnership with the full Symphony Orchestra in Munro Martin Park to an appreciative community standing ovation crowd of 4000 strong. Donna was one of three Creative Directors of this project.

 “It was magnificent seeing these selected students blossom throughout the 6 months tutorage of our Symphony For Tomorrow team. The program inspired and offered lived experience towards their professional music pathways post their schooling. Many students are reaching their dreams in music and  one day, they will be our colleagues."

Australian Songwriting National Awards:

The APRA –ASA: Australian Songwriting Association Awards  shortlisted  Donna and a selection of her prolific cowriters for 23 nominated songs. Donna and Co-Writer Damien Leith are previous Australian Songwriters of the Year Winners taking out the 2016-17 award.  Donna’s childrens’ label Spotty Kites is being highly recognised in the industry and has taken out awards again in 2018.  Along with this, Donna’s expansive nominations and awards were honoured through the prestigious Rudy Brandsma award for 2018 for her prolific contribution to songwriting.

For the sixth year running, Donna Dyson is honoured to be the Composer in Residence Brisbane Sings August 18th, 2019 at QPAC Concert Hall (QLD).

Special thanks to Brisbane City Sounds; Gregory Moor, David Kidd and 650 choral voices who will be premiering Donna’s new songs.

"Donna approaches her art with sensitivity and warmth and it shines through her beautiful music. It is a joy and privilege to sing and perform her music. We look forward to singing her divine music again in the future."


Sydney 102.5 FM In Conversation: Feature Artist Donna Dyson

Fine Music 102.5 presenter Michael Morton-Evans welcomes Donna Dyson to his feature program In Conversation. They chat candidly about Donna’s childhood, professional breadth of Education and Lecturing and delight in her achievement in music against all odds of being legally blind.

Donna Dyson is a National Ambassador for Vision Australia.

Due to a sudden medical diagnosis in 2012, Donna was left legally blind.  She lost her sight but gained her vision and can be booked for inspirational speaking events through the contact page on this website. Donna's optimism & resilience is often shining through various promotion material for the organisation. 

Donna was The Lions Club of Australia National White Cane Award recipient for Advocacy and Ambassadorship. 

Click the link above to watch ABC's David Iliffe who created an inspirational feature story on Donna Dyson's journey of creativity and resilience.

Spirit of Australia was written by Donna Dyson and Damien Leith.


Spirit of Australia© Donna Dyson and Damien Leith, performed by Damien Leith, is available for download NOW. This Australian anthem birthed it’s International debut in Vienna and Prague in 2016 returning to Australia to win the Song of the Year. Buy your copy by clicking on the blue button above. Choral and orchestra scores can be licensed by contacting Donna.

Click the link above to watch the news feature! Donna Dyson was commissioned by The Glennie School composing the feature song "Spirit Of Australia" performed at the Summa Cum Laude International Festival in Vienna, Austria. The choir performed this piece in Italy, Vienna and Prague during the tour. Donna was honoured to personally hear the choir performing.

Click the link above to watch the "Spirit Of Australia" performed at Prague's Smetanas Concert Hall Czech Republic.
Spirit of Australia© - Donna Dyson, Damien Leith

Donna Dyson reports from Salzburg on the Summa Cum Laude International Music Festival.

Click HERE to download the song!

Click on the link above to read the two page feature on Donna Dyson which was printed in regional Saturday papers from far north Queensland to southern NSW. A story of resilience and creativity in the face of adversity.

Donna has experienced an exceptional past four years being mentored by the best. Rick Price has not only greatly influenced Donna's compositions, but shared his stage with her as they sang the beautiful "You Are Not Alone" as a duet, from Rick's album.

The prolific songwriting team of Donna Dyson and Damien Leith had 18 shortlisted nominations in the top 30 Australian songs  in the national songwriting award, winning the National APRA-ASA Song and  Songwriters of the year awards. They are back in the studio recording new works. Keep up to date through FACEBOOK PAGE: Donna Dyson Music and click the link above to listen to Damien chat about their partnership.

CoWriter:  Wil Hughes… 

Donna creates with many gifted musicians and producers. Wil Hughes is one of her favourites! Together they are creating nationally award winning whirlwind songs for kids and adults alike. You can learn more about Wil Hughes here: 

CoWriting team Donna Dyson and Tyrone Noonan

Tyrone Noonan's writing diversifies from Jazz, Soul, Funk, to Contemporary Rock and the frontman of legendary band, George.

Donna and Tyrone are a prolific and diverse partnership: Walk For You, Utopia , Black Dog, Music Is For All, Once Again just to name a few are performed nationally and internationally by Tyrone. Their projects span the next few years, so watch this space!

You can learn more about Tyrone here:

Donna Dyson LOVES BALLET and mentors the exquisite and talented Queensland Ballet dancers through their studies, retirement and encourages HERE to read more.

Donna Dyson was appointed as Author in Residence for the Centenary of ANZAC and worked with schools in the Centenary District of Queensland. Donna was honoured by the Federal Member of Parliment for her contribution to this significant project.

Children all over Australia are singing Donna’s latest fun choral compositions. Make contact with Donna through this website to discuss writing for your choir, or school, or license her music for your next repertoire.

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