Donna Dyson Advocacy

Donna Dyson is a voice for people with long term chronic health conditions and believes everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life.  

Donna is frequently called upon to mentor, present and lead workshops around themes of RESILIENCE.  You can book Donna Dyson HERE.

Donna has long been an active advocate and voice for many charities and organisations. Donna has a long term relationship as a patient and supporter of the Prince Charles Hospital. In 2012 Donna’s sudden sight loss due to medical reasons, caused her to be a strong advocate and supporter of Vision Australia (VA) and the Cancer Council.

Donna Dyson is RESILIENT! Determined to view her life as enabled, not disabled, Donna is empowered through the support of varying organisations to live a full and productive life as a professional Songwriter, Speaker, Author and Educator.

On International Women's Day 2015, held in the historic Queensland Customs House, Donna Dyson delivered the keynote address to the law society on the theme of resilience.

Donna Dyson was the recipient of a 2013-14 Federal Fellowship- Leaders for Tomorrow, where she transitioned her career to full time songwriter, speaker, composer and author. Donna frequently consults within educational leadership, literacy and pedagogy and independently mentors professionals in leadership and the arts.

Donna was awarded “Composer in Residence 2015” for Brisbane Sings, and again in 2016. This annual performance unites 600 Brisbane voices, soloists and orchestral performers is held annually in August to a sold out audience at the Concert Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

Donna was awarded the Australian LIONS CLUB  National White Cane Award by Vision Australia.

Donna is represented and continues as a National Ambassador for Vision Australia by:

  • Educating children and the public through her professional life as an Songwriter, Author and Educator as to the every day mobility and capabilities of blind people and awareness around the use of the internationally recognised White Cane
  • Fundraising at the Melbourne Cup
  • Delivering keynote addresses for employment for the blind at business breakfasts
  • Educating literacy for the sight impaired to parent and support groups
  • Ensuring all of her web content and books are accessible to sight impaired audiences
  • Delivering presentations for medical professionals regarding the importance of referral post diagnosis to support organisations such as Vision Australia, Guide Dogs Australia and the like.
  • Lecturing disability awareness workshops for Access Arts to the arts community.