Donna Dyson Mentor

Donna Dyson is an engaging, caring thought leader and problem solver working in partnership with individuals and organisations along their journey. Donna Dyson has post graduate studies in Mentoring in Leadership and is an experienced university lecturer, educational leader and key mentor within the arts sector.

  • Donna has 20 years of mentoring experience in varying forms of: 
    • Undergraduate to post graduate students
    • Educators desiring professional development and change management.  
    • Early graduates - mentoring practice and classroom management
    • Early childhood literacy in kindergartens and day care centres
    • Musicians
    • Retired and young professional dancers
    • Aspiring authors and songwriters
    • Past students 
    • Career progression and change
  • Donna works as a freelance consultant and is skilled in mentoring with heart, compassion, knowledge and encouragement.  Donna journeys with clients towards the direction most suited for their purpose. Consultations take place:
    • In a work environment
    • Within the classroom if mentorship is related to student behaviour or pedagogical practise
    • In staff rooms for group change management 
    • Over a coffee for a simple one to one personal mentorship
    • Regionally, interstate, internationally via Skype


Rachael Walsh

"I had the great fortune of meeting Donna in 2014 in a time of immense change in my life. I was about to retire from the stage as Principal Dancer after a long career and Donna offered to mentor me through this transition.

Donna Dyson became my lighthouse, a generous mentor, friend and personal hero.

As a mentor Donna is compassionate and generous. She is always accessible and invests an incredible amount of time to understand the personal story, passions, strengths and needs of each individual. Donna shares her expertise and knowledge as an educator to unlock pathways and opportunities for those she mentors whilst encouraging them to see and believe in their own potential.

Donna is a remarkable woman of great courage, optimism and dedication. She lives her advice and inspires me to dream big, do more and believe in the future I want for myself. She also inspires me to mentor and give back to the art form that gave me so much".

- Rachael Walsh

Retired Principal Dancer, Development Manager Queensland Ballet

Liam Geck

“As Company Dancer at Queensland Ballet, I have been able to engage with Donna to positively and comfortably discuss any concerns and seek her guidance and advice on all matters”.

Company Dancer, Queensland Ballet

Joel Woellner

“Donna has created an open, safe and positive environment where objective and honest one-on-one discussions can be held whilst still ensuring my self-confidence is nurtured.  I can see and feel a genuine improvement in my level of self-confidence and dancing as a direct result of the work I have done with Donna”.


Mia Heathcote

“Donna has inspired me greatly in every facet of life.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share with her, being my trusted mentor and friend”.


Vito Bernasconi

“Donna has provided me with a safe and objective environment in which I feel comfortable and confident to speak my mind and be in a position to positively process my thoughts.  I credit part of my success both on and off the stage to Donna as I would not be the person nor the dancer I am today without her valuable insight and guidance”.

Junior Soloist, Queensland Ballet

Teri Crilly

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to have access to an external consultant of Donna’s caliber, as I know that this is extremely rare.  Donna has an amazing connection with each and every member of the company.  We are able to take advantage of her academic background and connections to assist us with our everyday experiences as well as our future aspirations.”


Michael ElliS

"I've had the great fortune of knowing Donna Dyson for the past 10 years. During this time she's been my University lecturer, trusted mentor, colleague and dear friend. From the outset of our professional relationship Donna has exemplified outstanding commitment to nurturing her students. She invests an inordinate amount of time in the development of student wellbeing and does so not only with a natural gift for teaching and insight but with a generous and compassionate heart.  At all times she has the best interests of others as her primary concern. I owe much of my success over the years to Donna's instruction and guidance and am grateful to call her a friend."

- Michael Ellis

Professional Business Culture Executive, Educator, Coach