Donna Dyson is Diverse and Dynamic.

She has been an Education Leader and Academic Consultant for 25 years. Due to visual impairment, she quickly transferred her professional passion to the following areas and is in high demand for each.


Prolific cowriters Donna Dyson and Damien Leith are shortlisted for another year in the 2015 national awards with 18 nominations covering 4 categories and 6 songs.

The Australian Songwriting Awards night is to be held November 28th, 2015. Wish us luck!

It's all about Christmas as Donna Dyson and Damien Leith release their NEW Christmas song "Christmas With You". RELEASING EARLY DECEMBER!!!

Donna has been commissioned by The Glennie School composing the feature song "Spirit Of Australia" to be performed at the Summa Cum Laude International Festival in Vienna, Austria.

Following Donna's appointment as Composer In Residence for the 2015 production of Brisbane Sings, Queensland Show Choir appoints Donna Dyson as Composer in Residence 2016.

Donna Dyson was appointed as Author in Residence for the Centenary of ANZAC and worked with schools in the Centenary District of Queensland. Donna was honoured by the Federal Minister for her contribution to this significant project.

Children all over Australia are singing Donna’s latest fun choral compositions. Contact her to discuss writing for your choir or license her music for your next repertoire.

Donna has experienced an exceptional year being mentored by the best. Rick Price has not only greatly influenced Donna's compositions, but shared his stage with her as they sang the beautiful "You Are Not Alone" as a duet, from Rick's new 'Tennessee Sky' Album at the Brisbane Jazz Club.

A highlight of 2015 was singing harmony on the beautiful album Vanguard by the exquisite Katie Noonan.

Qld Ballet appoint Donna Dyson as Dean of Dancers 2016.

Mentoring the dancers towards leadership and excellence.

Donna has travelled the state delivering Educational Consultancy professional development sessions to early childhood education providers. Contact Donna if you would like a professional development session for your institution.

The Lions Club of Australia National 2014-15 White Cane Award recipient for Advocacy and Ambassadorship is Donna Dyson, nominated by Vision Australia

Exciting new compositions, concerts and collaborations are unfolding in 2016 with amazing artists!

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